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About The Villages Online Team

Villages Online is run by a team of community website owners. The team members are:

Mark Dwyer the current owner of Villages Online and aged 22, is a keen web developer and Internet Marketer. Mark works for one of the top 10 websites in UK and is passing his skills and experience to Village Online allow the site to continue expanding. Mark also works on many other smaller websites in his spare time. Mark first experience of working on website was back in 1999, when he started a website for his local town of Halstead, and later in 2002/2003 he ran a successfully Broadband campaign in the local area as well. Along with the team he has now built around Villages Online, there are many new and interesting features being added to Villages Online on a regular basis.

Maurice Clarke is an avid web developer and marketer, currently in his early 60's he lives in Norfolk where he owns and runs 3 web sites. Married with 4 children his other interests include Yoga and Electronic Keyboard music which he also teaches. As a former owner of Villages Online he well understands the sites special place on the Web. Maurice's active and fertile mind and wide experience on the WWW ensures Villages Online is never short of new ideas, comments and advice to ensure its steady growth in the future.

Richard Corden, aged 33 did he schooling at South Holderness School in Holderness, Richard always had an eye on Computing until finally getting the Internet in the summer of 2000. So abit of a late starter. Richard has managed several websites including Support Forums for a Message Board Company. In 2003 Richard started the Skirlaugh Parish Council Website. Richard also runs a Internet business from his home in Boston, Lincolnshire where he moved from Skirlaugh a few years ago. He hopes to return to Skirlaugh one day soon.

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