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Villages Online Background

Villages online was launched in 1999 by Colin Cadle who lives in Sherbourne in Dorset, and helped by his wife Janet ran the site alongside a successful business. As a voluntary task other personal and business needs demanded that in early 2003 Colin need to opt out of the daily commitment of Villages Online. Maurice Clarke a current village webmaster, heard about Colin's need to have the site continue under new hands and together they struck a deal where Maurice took over the site in mid March 2003.

Since then Maurice Clarke and Stephen Birch have been running the website but both didn't have the time to maintain the site and also work on their main business In March 2005, Mark Dwyer from Halstead in Essex arranged with Stephen Birch to take over the running the site as it would be a shame if this valuable resource for community websites was to disappear. Now Mark Dwyer is running the website under his company - Enjoy Companies Ltd, to continue the good work that has so far been done on the website.

During 2005 and beyond we will develop and expand Villages Online into new areas, whilst retaining the overall core village indexing features which has been very popular over the past 6 years.

We would like to thank Colin, Maurice and Stephen for all their work on the site over the past few years and all of you for supporting Villages Online. If there is anything you want to see on this site, let us know as we are always open to suggestions. Please send your suggestions to: [email protected]

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