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About Villages Online

If you have ever tried to find a village, small town or local community website for a particular UK location you may have had little choice up until now other than to rely on the vagaries of the search engines.

You can't just type in www.anyvillage.co.uk (or .org etc) and always expect to find the site that way. So we have taken on the task of locating, recording and coordinating all the currently available websites serving villages, market towns and local communities throughout the United Kingdom to provide what we hope to be the definitive listing and Villages Online is it!

Villagesonline.com can now be of enormous help to those who intend visiting any of the listed locations, or are considering moving home to one of them. The listings are also very useful if you are researching family or local history or simply as a guide to browsing around our beautiful countryside from the comfort of your own mousemat! Whether you are researching or just very interested in the British countryside you may care to take a look at our Countryside Links page.

Villages Online now receives over 600 unique visitors and 3,000 page hits each week and this number is increasing week by week. During June and July we will doing a wide spread PR campaign to promote the site across the whole of the UK.

To see a history of this site and how it has evolved over the years a full background can be found on the background page.

To find out more about the team of people working on the Villages Online website, take a look at the about the team section.

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